About Us


Contact Numbers

Phone: 8868 7739
Email: subbranch@mrsl.com.au

R. Grimley

Vice Presidents
C. Zarb
G. Guthrie

F. Vella

S. Thomas
K. Loudon
S. Thode
D. Williams

M. Smith

R. Ford
T. Forbes

Welfare Officer
S. Bytheway

K. Moyle

D. Burgon
R. Grimley
K. Moyle

Youth Club President
K. Loudon


Sub Branch meetings are held regularly at the Club.

For more information on upcoming meetings, please contact the sub-Branch (02) 8868 7739


Full RSL Sub-Branch Service member $27 (including Reveille subscriptions)
Associate Sub-Branch member $8
Fees payable annually from 1 November and must be paid by 30 April.
Please refer to the Secretary for more information.
Application forms for Membership are available from Reception. FULL DOCUMENTED PROOF OF SERVICE must accompany every application.

Life Members
R. Allan
M. Gong
H. Hardge
E. Hynds
C.W. Munnery OAM
J. Murphy
D.A. Williams
S. Thode
M. Smith

Annual Functions

ANZAC March, Service and Luncheon – Sunday PRIOR to 25 April.
ANZAC Dawn Service & traditional breakfast – ANZAC Day – commencing at 5.15am (NO charge).

Sporting Competitions

Merrylands RSL Sub-Branch participate in the following State Branch controlled sporting competitions:

Lawn Bowls – Pennants
Darts – Weekly RSL competitions and the Easter Interdominion carnival between NSW, VIC and NZ

Ode of Remembrance
The Ode of Remembrance is recited every evening at 5.55pm

For further information contact the Honorary Secretary, Frank Vella.