Signatures Buffet


This buffet is ever changing according to seasonal fresh ingredients and time of year. Promising members and guests only the best ingredients and an array of meals that will tantalize the whole family’s taste buds! With over 80 dishes to select from, there are sure flavours to please everyone!

The buffet consists of Asian dishes, hot traditional roasts, Asian BBQ, fresh seafood, salads, hot grills and exquisite desserts. Including profiteroles, crème caramel and panacotta- to name a few.

Signatures buffet offers a ‘Gourmet Buffet’ available for Friday and Saturday night dinner and Sunday lunch, which is exactly as the name suggest- gourmet dining in both food and service!

Mon – Sat Sun*
Member or Senior $15.00 $21.00
Visitors $16.50 $22.50
Senior Members $14.00 $19.50
Children (2-12 Years) $1.10* $1.60*
(2-12 years old) * Per year of age
 Sun-Thur  Fri & Sat*
Member or Senior $22.00 $25.00
Visitors $23.50 $26.00
Senior Members $20.50 $24.00
Children (2-12 Years) $1.60** $1.80**
*Public Holidays

(2-12 years old) ** Per year of age

Book now to avoid disappointment on 8868 7748

* These prices also apply on Public Holiday

Fathers Day

Sunday September 3rd
Let Dad know how Special he is with our specially designed menu including delectable seafood such as Oysters.

  • 1st Session
  • 1100AM – 1.00PM
  • 2nd Session
  • 1:30AM – 3:30PM
  • 1st Session
  • 5.00PM – 7.00PM
  • 2nd Session
  • 7.15PM – 9.30PM


Adults: $36.80
Children: $2.40
Per year of age (2-12 years)

Seats are limited so call to reserve!