On 15th December 2020, the MRSL Club CEO Bryn Miller hosted an intimate luncheon attended by long serving staff members of the Club, in recognition of the unique achievement of 25+ years of service.

Bryn Miller who has been Club CEO for 29 years this year was joined by Cherry Sison (33 years), Steve Brady (30 years), Maria Neag (26 years), Edraline Bartlett (26 years) and Carmen Belici (26 years). This group alone has an impressive 170 years of service combined. Also present were CFO Wayne Mar and Operations Manager David Kim.

“In this day and age it is rare to see long standing commitments of employment, however our Club is blessed to have great staff who have contributed to many years of service. These people have reached important milestones this year and I commend them on this special achievement”, says Bryn Miller.

Cherry who has been working in the Club since 1987 has worked from the bistro back and front of house, gaming, before moving to reception. This was a smiliar story for Maria who has been with the Club since 1994 and now works in Bar & Gaming.

Edraline on the other hand worked in the bistro front of house and the coffee shop. She later moved into Functions under the mentorship of Bryn Miller. Carmen started the same year as Edraline and has been working in the bar and gaming areas since.

Steve who was featured in our October Merrylander edition for his 30-year milestone started as an all-rounder before progressing onto different roles such as Supevisor, Duty Manager, Operations Manager, Club Umina Club Manager and now as a Facilities Manager.

When asked about their fondest memories in the club, most of the attendees raved about the Red Faces Charity Concert held in 1999 where they participated in different acts. Ed remembers lipsyncing and grooving to the tunes of “Dancing Queen” with a group of other ladies, while Cherry tells the story of singing “My Heart Will Go On” and acting the iconic scene from the movie “Titanic”.

Club CEO Bryn Miller also tells the story of how the Club invited its members to witness the now historical announcement of the 2000 Olympics host country, reminiscing how the crowd cheered when Sydney was named host country for the said event.