Furphy’s Coffee Lounge

Furphy’s Coffee Lounge

Switch on every day with a coffee from Furphy’s Coffee Lounge or pick one up  on-the- go at the Furphy Street-Window on Military Road, Merrylands.
Word on the Street, is it’s the best Coffee in Merrylands!

The Furphy Story……Furphy’s Water into Coffee

The Furphy Water Tanks were used to cart much needed H2o to Australian troops in military camps during the First World War. The drivers of the water tanks became notoriously known for their gossip and information to the troops, which at best was embellished and unreliable to keep the spirits of the troops high.

This led to the word Furphy becoming a fixed part of the Australian language meaning rumour.

At Merrylands RSL Club, we acknowledge our military history and thus are turning water into coffee with our Furphy Coffee Lounge.


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