In these times of uncertainty, please be assured that your safety and wellbeing is always our top priority at Merrylands RSL Club. 

On this page, you will read about the preventive measures and COVIDSafe procedures we have in place to help us continue to provide safe and clean environments for our members, guests, and staff. 


As a COVIDSafe venue and as part of our duty of care to our members, guests, and staff, we have implemented the following safety measures:

  • Having a detailed COVID Management Plan for the Club
  • Keeping a full record of everyone entering the club. This includes all members, guests, and staff. 
  • Having everyone’s temperature checked upon entry into the Club. The thermal scanner mounted at our Reception desk checks the temperatures of anyone passing by. 
  • Having a COVID19 Marshal walking throughout the venue at all times, monitoring and enforcing social distancing as well as other Club safety and hygiene rules.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitisation of all high-risk hard surfaces throughout the club including but not limited to gaming machines, handrails, lifts, tables, and more. 
  • Providing accessible hand sanitisers at all key locations, as well as clean handwashing facilities within the club. We also have surface wipes available near self-serve terminals and machines. 
  • Having visible hygiene signage throughout the club. 
  • Limiting Club capacity to 300 patrons at any given time.
  • Providing a contactless payment option for patrons.
  • Refusing entry of patrons from VIC as well as anyone who is unwell. 
  • All staff wearing masks while working within the club, in line with the recommendation from NSW Health.

All Merrylands RSL Club Staff have completed a compulsory COVID19 training before reopening on 1st June. The Club policy has also been updated, highlighting everyone’s responsibility in keeping the club a safe place for all. 


  • Following the conditions of entry to the club on every visit. 
  • Keeping your hands clean by using our hand washing facilities and sanitiser stations thoughout the club. Handwashing is also compulsary after bathroom use.
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes with tissue and disposing them properly after each use. 
  • Staying away when sick. If you visit while you are ill, you will be asked to leave. 


  • Your body temperature will be checked upon entry
  • You must adhere to 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times
  • You must remain seated and not loiter or mingle
  • You must follow all Club safety & hygiene measures



As of Monday 3rd August, Merrylands RSL Club will be following the NSW Health recommendation regarding hospitality staff wearing face masks whilst working.

The safety and well-being of our members, guests, and staff has always been our top priority. All staff will be issued a new face mask once they enter the Club. Presentable reusable masks will also be allowed for those who wish to use their own.

As the NSW Premier previously stated, the next few weeks are critical. We believe that following the recommendation is another step (in addition to our existing COVIDSafe procedures) to help ensure that Merrylands RSL Club remains a safe place for all.

Even though this means temporarily not seeing the smiles on our faces, know that we are always happy to serve you, our members and guests.

We thank you for your continued support and loyalty.


NSW Health have confirmed a person who has tested positive to COVID19 visited the Merrylands Anytime Fitness Gym on Tuesday 14 July between 8.30 PM – 10.30 PM. 

Based on records provided by Anytime Fitness, Merrylands RSL Club can confirm that the patrons who attended the gym on above date and times DID NOT enter the Club or use any other club facilities during the said period. ⠀

We have spoken with NSW Health who have advised that the Club is not impacted and is safe for patrons.⠀


For the safety of all our members, guests and staff, we will temporarily not permit entry to any patron with a Victorian residential address, unless they have a New South Wales border entry permit, or they are authorised to enter under the Public Health order.

This is in line with the NSW Government’s announcementof closing the boder between NSW and VIC as of Wednesday 8th July.