Make Dad Feel Special This Father’s Day

There’s a special bond between a father and child that no one can deny. For most of us, our dad is our first superhero and the first person we look up to (quite literally too).

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have put together some COVIDSafe ideas to help you surprise your old folk and make the day memorable. Because your dad, grandpa, or father figure could use the love, now more than ever.


They did say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so start his day with a hearty brunch fit for the king of the castle. Scramble some eggs, make a toast or pancake, and perhaps some bacon if he’s allowed. If he is not a breakfast person, you can always consider lunch or dinner.


If you are unable to spend the day together, you can always start the day with a lovely phone call to set the mood for his entire day. And thanks to today’s technology, you can even go on a video call so that you both closer while apart.


Surveys show that a lot of fathers in Australia find gifts as a waste of money, while some never use the gifts they receive. However, a hand-written
note is something that will be appreciated by many. So it’s not a bad idea to write him a heartfelt card, even if you buy him a gift or not.


Whether you are coming over to his place or visiting a COVIDSafe venue like Merrylands RSL Club, exchanging stories (even embarrassing ones) over a couple of drinks will never get old.


Even if you are unable to go to an actual comedy show, there are heaps of comedy specials available to stream online. So jump on Netflix, and get ready to laugh your hearts out.


Bring out the board games and let Dad pick the first one to start. You can also whip up some words for a fun charade and enjoy some quality bonding time with the whole family.

Believe it or not, most fathers long for priceless time with their families on Father’s Day. So focus on spending time together and having fun as a family.
Father’s Day September 6th.

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