Gallipoli Scholarship Fund 2020 Recipients

The Gallipoli Scholarship Fund was founded in 1996 as a result of a donation of $6,000 from a World War I Veterans Association which had met annually prior to Anzac Day.

Bill Hall, a World War II veteran from the Battle of Milne Bay in New Guinea, had been a co-ordinator of the WWI Association for a number of years, organising numerous day trips for the veterans around Sydney.  As the veterans aged they began meeting annually at the Merrylands RSL Club.  In 1990 Bill was a carer for four members of the group when they revisited Gallipoli for the 75th anniversary of the campaign with other veterans from around the country, under the auspices of then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.  In the mid-1990s, under the Chairmanship of Charles Mance, the Association members resolved to perpetuate a better understanding of the Gallipoli campaign, particularly among younger people, and sought Bill’s assistance in establishing the Gallipoli Scholarship.

The Fund seeks to perpetuate among young Australians an understanding of those enduring traditions of perseverance, courage, self-sacrifice and mateship that were established so indelibly in the cause of world peace at Gallipoli, and thereafter on other battlefields and peace operations. It helps inform and remind Australians of the sacrifices of those who served Australia in conflicts and peace operations, and thereby contributes to the future security of our nation and our national values of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law.

The Scholarship provides financial assistance to the most deserving and meritorious Australian applicants, commencing their first year of tertiary study at a University or TAFE at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level, in the year of application. In assessing suitability for an award, a 60% weighting applies to necessitous circumstances and a 40% weighting to educational merit. Currently, the Scholarship does not extend beyond one year.

Since the inception of Gallipoli Scholarships in 1998, Merrylands RSL Club has hosted a luncheon in April to honour the recipients of these Scholarships. In addition, this year in recognition of their long standing support of the Fund the Merrylands RSL Bursary was established and awarded for the first time. It aims to support the allocation of a Bursary to a student from Western Sydney or alternatively, a student from a regional area making the big step to attend a Sydney-based university. WE congratulate Eben on being the first Merrylands RSL Bursary recipient.

This year also saw the first of what is hoped to be a number of specifically sponsored Corporate bursaries. The first Gallipoli Scholarship corporate sponsor is Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA). To be eligible for an LMA Bursary, applicants must satisfy the same core criteria common to all Gallipoli scholarships as a direct descendant of an Australian veteran and additionally be enrolled in a tertiary course of study in a STEM field or related discipline. In subsequent years the bursary winners may become eligible for internships with LMA.

Each Scholarship is now worth $6,000 tax free, paid in two tranches: the first in April at the presentation ceremony, and the second on successful completion of the first semester providing the recipient is continuing their studies at university or TAFE (the latter at Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level).

The Members and Committee of the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund congratulate the recipients of 2020 Gallipoli Scholarships and the various Bursaries for 2020 and each of those 2019 recipients whose overall results were of a standard which made them eligible to apply for a Bill Hall Bursary.

The 2020 recipients were:  

Annabel Jellett      

Annabel is from Steiglitz, a semi-rural village near Moreton Bay halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  She is studying for her MB BS at Griffith University on the Gold Coast and has wanted to be a doctor since she was 8 years old (and told her GP she was going to replace him when he retired).

Liam Gough

Liam is from North Lakes, also in the Moreton Bay area, but much larger than Steiglitz. He is studying at ANU (Canberra) doing a Bachelor of Engineering, Research and Development (Hons) / Bachelor of Science.

Yasmin Jimmieson

Yasmin is from Muswellbrook in NSW. Is studying for a Bachelor of Criminology / Bachelor of Laws at UNE in Armidale. Is keen to use her education to advocate for the disabled especially those trying to understand the NDIS.

Lachlan Pilcher

Lachlan is from Little Mountain near Caloundra in Queensland. He is studying for a Bachelor of Medical Research at the University of Tasmania (Hobart Campus). His aim is to eventually study medicine.

Grace Hollow                    

Grace comes from Gladstone SA, just over 200kms from Adelaide. Grace is studying to become a doctor (MB BS) at the University of Adelaide. She has spent the last three years working to accumulate funds to allow her to study full time. Grace hopes to become a caring and compassionate doctor who can truly help people in their time of illness or injury.

Brad Chapman                 

Brad comes from Fine Flower, near Grafton in NSW. Is studying for a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at Newcastle University. Brad is keen to give back to the next generation as a teacher and to give his students the passion for learning that his teachers imbued in him. Brad is a veteran of the Kokoda Trek 2018 and has maintained contact with the RSL and Services Clubs Assoc and his local RSLs. His parents are the third generation of the family to run the beef cattle property they own but like many others, the property and stock have been hard hit by drought.

Clancy Gundrum – recipient of the inaugural Lockheed Martin Australia Bursary.

Clancy comes from Kenmore a suburb of Brisbane 10 kms from the CBD and is studying at ANU for a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) /Batchelor of Genetics. He is interested in pursuing a career in maths and science and considers genetics will play a role in eradicating disease and enhancing humans. He also wants to be an astronaut.

Eben Taylor  – recipient of the inaugural Merrylands RSL Bursary

Eben comes from Hamilton near Newcastle and is studying for a Bachelor of Science with Advanced Studies at Sydney University. He is keen to pursue his interest in mathematics and physics to understand the world and how it came to be the way it is. He hopes to contribute back to society and his local community.

Brodie Crouchrecipient of a Bill Hall Bursary

Brodie comes from a farming area just outside Brisbane and is studying for a Bachelor of Advanced Science at the University of Queensland. He worked hard to achieve an overall distinction average for his first year of study and was successful in receiving a Bill Hall Bursary given for the second year of study at University.

Matthew Thompson – recipient of a Bill Hall Bursary

Matthew comes from Barraba near Tamworth where his family also have a farm, again a property hard hit by drought. Matthew received a Bill Hall Bursary for his second year of study at  Newcastle University where he is studying for a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical). He worked hard to achieve an overall distinction average for his first year of study and was successful in being selected for a Bill Hall Bursary.


Five of last year’s eight recipients achieved a distinction average for their first year of study and were eligible to apply for a Bill Hall Bursary. This is a tremendous reflection on the quality of the recipients in 2019, their dedication and application.

Bill Hall would be a very proud man if he knew the benefit the Scholarship he started, was providing for the young men and women who are selected to receive them. Long may his memory and the Gallipoli Scholarship live on!