Australia Through a Photographer’s Eye!

We are proud to present the Merrylands RSL Camera Club’s Third Annual Exhibition running from 10th August 2020 in the Heritage House. This year’s theme is all about the beautiful country we call home… Australia!

With all the travel restrictions due to COVID19, most of us might not have the chance to explore different places in Australia at the moment so this exhibition is a perfect way to do so while staying safe. The photo featured on this page is one of many breathtaking images that will be displayed in the exhibit.

Some of the photographs that will be displayed on our Annual Exhibit also include those that have been displayed at China’s Duyun International Photography Exhibition in September last year.

These photos represented Australia on an international stage, alongside photos from Camera Clubs all over the world. They are truly something that showcases the beauty of Australia.

So whether you appreciate the art of photography or simply love looking at amazing snaps, please come along to support our members’ hard work in capturing the breathtaking views of Australian landscapes and culture.

If you are interested in joining Camera Club, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact details are available on page 24.

We hope you enjoy the photos!