MRSL Annual Staff Presentation Night

On 19th November, the Club held the Annual Awards Night which not only highlighted the key successes of the Club and acknowledged staff but also celebrated diversity and multiculturalism.

A number of staff came in their national dresses and it was “a testament to the multicultural family we have amongst our team and showcases how diverse our family really is”, says Club CEO Bryn Miller.

During the night, Peter Lucic talked about his experience at the Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge.

Staff who has been employed by the club for 5, 10, 15 and 25 years were then presented with pins to recognise their service.

The first MRSL Club Staff Award given on the night was for Most Improved and was given to Daniel Andreev. Rolina Calapatia and Agnieszka Doboszynski were also finalists for the category.

Michael Tuazon was awarded Rookie of the Year for displaying excellent qualities since commencement in March this year.

Receptionist Jesse Bryant was awarded the Customer Recognition Award for receiving excellent customer feedback, along with finalists Isabella Mahnkopf and Cherry Sison.

The Outstanding Service Award was given to Anna Huyn for displaying exceptional dedication and professionalism. Contractors Mitch Stavrevski and Peter Dib were also finalists for the category.

Ariek Mayath from Bar & Gaming won the Excellence in Hospitality Award, for displaying eagerness, devotion and a willingness to succeed, along with finalists Lena Tran and Jimmy Tang.

Cham Thaethiengtham won the Superior Customer Service Award two years in a row.  Fane Fong and Kornkamon Phromket were both finalists too.

Ralph Quidet and Edraline Bartlett were presented certificates as finalists for the CEO Award, but it was Fane Fong who was ultimately announced as the winner in recognition of her loyalty, integrity and passion for the Club.

It was truly a remarkable night and a great way to thank the staff for their efforts and achievements in 2019.

And the CEO Award goes to…

This year’s most coveted award was given to Fane Fong, who has been an integral part of the Reception team. Fane started as a part timer in December 2017, before being promoted to full time receptionist in August 2018 and also started learning Bar & Gaming recently. She has excellent attention to detail and continuously goes above and beyond.

Fane Fong is also the recipient of the 2020 Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge sponsorship.