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The planning process for our next stage is still a work in progress, despite there not being any construction activity going on for the last six months. The latest update from management is that our Architect and Cumberland Council officers are working together to finalise the DA submission to the Sydney West Planning Panel.

It is important to the club that this DA can be resolved quickly so that we can plan our resources to get it underway. The 12 month Defects Liability has been completed since the handover of Stage 1 (August 2017) by the builders. We are advised that all of the notified defects have been addressed and the builders accepted responsibility for the repairs. The final touches inside the Heritage House (nee the Baby Health Centre) were put in place during August. The Poppy Lights have been a wonderful choice for the ceiling decor that gives the room a form of RSL ambience that has been treated with great respect.

Now that it has been put into exhibition mode with the addition of the story boards, it will serve the club well for its purpose of a community asset. Our Forster property redevelopment plan, that has been the subject of a new LEP, has now recommenced. The final outcomes should not be too far away, given that the public submissions were completed early this year.

Ron Hand JP