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One of the many black hoardings has finally been removed from the eastern end of the club to reveal our brand new catering facility named Furphys. That
name will be explained elsewhere in the Merrylander. This renovated space has been under construction for about three months including the Christmas break. It is part of the $8M investment to bring the older part of the club up to date with our member’s expectations.

The not-so-good news is that the hoardings that have come down have been used again to board up the existing cafe for another further three months while it gets pulled apart to make way for a new kitchen and dining room.

The most recent reveal was the removal of hoarding at the western end where the new stage and Honour Board are now on show. The builders have also been using this blanked out space for materials handling purposes out of sight from the clubs patrons.

The final piece in the puzzle is when the Military Rd reception gets its renovation completed. This will involve removal of the existing cashier counters behind the reception counter to make way for additional lounge space.

The Baby Health Centre is about to become part of the Grand Foyer/Entry on Miller. The club has been dealing with delicate heritage issues in association with the Council’s heritage officer.

A recent review of the Cumberland Council’s website has revealed that our Masterplan DA #44/2017 has been referred to the Sydney West Planning Panel for consent (That’s the one chaired by Lucy Turnbull). It is part of council’s procedures that developments in excess of $20M are sent to an external authority. This DA is a concept of three residential towers varying in height from 11 to 20 stories together with parking for over 1,000 cars, and other

Also, our Stage 2 DA #30/2017 was granted delegated approval on 20/11/17.
Included in this DA are the new 1st floor lounge, bistro and kitchen with associated amenities. The cost estimate at the time of lodging in January 2017 was $19.8M. Financial resourcing will be required before we can get started on the next phase of reinventing Merrylands RSL.

For those with access to a computer at home, all of the Merrylands RSL DA’s can be viewed by searching Cumberland Council’s Development tracking under our old address at 10-14 Military.

Meanwhile at Club Umina, a design proposal is being put together for the TAB room to be increased in size. Part of the outdoor smoking space will give way for the 1.5 metre adjustment to the TAB. Some of the gaming machines adjacent to the eastern wall will be de-commissioned to give another 1.0 metre of space. A DA is expected to be sent to Gosford Council during March.

Ron Hand JP