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This column begins with the news that our Stage 2 DA was re-submitted and approved by Cumberland Council during November. The club will be ready to start a tendering process as soon as our Project Manager is appointed, and a financially sustainable process has been determined. A detailed design set of drawings is required from our Architects Peter & Michelle to enable appropriate competitive tendering.

Also, the club’s Masterplan drawings and model were sent to Cumberland Council on 2nd December. It is probable that this submission will be passed on to an Independent Hearing & Assessment Panel as required by local regulations for developments over $5M.

Work on the Baby Health Centre renovation has made slow progress since the anticipated hand-over date late last year. There have been complications with the procurement of heritage building products that are needed to blend in with the existing fabric of the building. There is a light at the end of the tunnel with it being reported that work is continuing almost daily to add this structure to our impressive new entry.

Frequent visitors to the older part of the club will have noticed that some of the black hoardings have come down to reveal the outstanding work done by the builders and interior designers. So far, (at Dec 4th) we have seen the new outdoor lounge, and the totally re-built bar, now called the Belmont. More will be opened up during December, and we will have a full TAB, separate children’s room, and new bathrooms next to the buffet restaurant along Military Rd.

But there is more as was said in TV adage. Work will cease over Christmas on the new kitchen, and re-commence in February to include a new Bistro dining room, the new Military Rd Coffee Shop, as well as the conversion of the old change counters into lounge space. The all-up cost for the renovations was valued at $5.5M by the Quantity Surveyors.

All of the renovation work should be completed by the middle of the year and we can catch our breath before the challenges of what lays ahead in Stage 2. This will be another big-ticket item, and will require external funding should we start construction work before 2019.

Ron Hand JP